Blog contests has become really popular lately  because of its viral effect. Blog contests usually tries to make the most out of a popular blog by attracting more readers and giving away a reward for it.

  • The most simple and probably the best ways to run a blog contest is to have a very special & attractive prize tagged with it so that all the readers and the participants really gets motivated to win it. This indirectly creates a buzz around the blogosphere about the blog and gets you even more traffic!
  • If you have a good amount of loyal readers - RSS & Email Subscribers, it should be relatively easy for you to get sponsors for your contest. Just shoot few email around and see whether any company on your niche/industry is interested to sponsor your contest.
  • Just keep everything plain in  Simple. Do write the contest policy & FAQ, so that its easier for the readers to know what they are getting into.
  • Establish a way of communicating with the participants. Collect their name & email address so that you can inform them about the latest contest updates. State the deadline of the contest as clearly as possible, many contests fail because the readers are just not aware of the deadline. Before reaching the deadline you should always do reminding everyone that the contest is closing.

Ideas for holding a blog contest

- Let your readers write a blog post about your blog on their own.  (Specifying why they like to read your blog)

-  Reward the readers who has the most number of comments in a week/month.

- Guest blogging - The post that gets the most traffic wins.

- Creativity - Art, Design or picture

So do you have anything else in mind?