Many bloggers usually prefer simplicity when it comes to SEO.  They often don’t follow every latest hack or trick for optimizing their blog to rank better in the search engine. To some extent its better to avoid extensive SEO as sometimes it may detract from the most important part of blogging - which is writing.

So I thought of putting some of the top SEO tips that are very simple to implement and follow. I hope you will find it useful.


  1. Try to set some  strong categories. It’s a very basic step, but often not considered effectively. Things you should remember:
    • Keep the category name simple
    • Research - know your top search terms, and compare similar searches
    • Emphasize your keywords without duplicating them
    • Organize - Organize all your posts in categories. Make sure you have at least 5 posts in one category. Having only 1-2 posts in one individual category looks really bad. On special cases you should try using ‘tags’ instead.
  2. Name your images: You should always name your images properly as it populates greater keywords into the post, and also promotes Google Image traffic.
    • image-name.jpg where “-” is often used to separate the words.
    • “Image Description Text” in Title / Alt Text areas is also important so that search engines can understand what your image is all about. And It is also very useful when your image fails to load for some reason.
  3. Use effective titles. Keep it Short, with strongest keywords first. Think of what users usually search for. For instance,  if you are writing about taking Iphone’s firmware backup, your title should be something like: “How to Backup Iphone firmware” or “Iphone firmware Backup” etc.
  4. Use text formtting (bold, Italic, underline) effectively - This allows the search engines to pick up important keywords that searchers are looking for. It is also increases the readablity of your blog.
  5. Use bullets and other lists, where appropriate - they are easier to scan through and grouping words together as a bullet point gives you a better chance of targeting your keywords.
  6. Use tags - both general tags (which lend themselves well to general searches) and specific tags. As many as appropriate.
  7. Promote yourself using the social media- use social services such as Digg, Reddit or Stumbleupon, as well as online forum participation, to promote your posts and articles.
  8. Participate on other related blogs - leave useful comments on other blogs of the same niche. Don’t spam them! Make useful comments and it might even encourage the author of those blogs to link to you.
  9. Watch your blog text length - Never let images or video clips live on their own. Always describe them in enough text for search engines to appropriately identify your posts and rank them.
  10. Use Pages to summarize and link to important posts
    • Depending on your current setup, these can be more optimally positioned for SEO as they will usually be
    • Effective pages will give you the opportunity to highlight your most popular content - to link to many posts on your site. Examples include Top 10 lists, Popular Post excerpts etc.