How Often to Blog

Ok I got this question a couple of days ago via email. (Yes! I accept blogging related questions via email at-

Anyway so the question goes like this:

Q. How Often Should I Blog?

My Reply:

That is actually a very common question arising among many bloggers, specially among those who are just starting out. Many people defend that there is no right answer, and I do agree to a certain extent. There are bloggers who are just posting once a week and getting tremendous attention & success in the blogosphere.

However one thing to bear in mind that, those are usually CEO’s of large corporations or famous writers who already had a loyal user base even before they started blogging.

Quality certainly comes before quantity, but if you are serious about blogging you should really have both quality and quantity. I believe that in order to success as a ‘pro-blogger’ and stand out from the crowd you will need to post at least five times in a week.

Now, do not get me wrong here. I am not arguing that you should publish some Shakespearesque posts every day. Just make sure that you update the blog on a regular basis, be it with an opinion, a short reference or a review about something interesting.