New Blogging ideas?Now that you already know about what you should blog about, its probably the right time to tell you how you can actually come up with new blogging ideas on the subject of your interest.

Sometimes you might just feel that you are a bit rusty and might find it hard to put up some good content on your blog on the subject of your interest.

Well don’t worry about that, there are plenty of ways by which you can generate blogging ideas. One of the easiest to do would be to look at what other people are writing about who has the same subject/interest as you. Google Blog Search will definitely act as your friend on this one because, it lets you find blogs in a flash. Here are some other ways to build up content for your blog:

1. Read others & Learn -  Read as much as you can & that will definitely help you to come up with good ideas. Read other similar blogs or participate in forum discussion. Try to get a good look at what people like to talk about the most (on your subject) and how those discussion becomes heated & popular. I’d advice you to get used to RSS (*This is something I haven’t covered yet, But I do plan to do a post on it soon).  With RSS, you will be able to keep track of all your favorite websites at one place and you will be notified whenever a new content is being put up. There are many desktop & web based RSS readers available which you can setup pretty easily and start getting updates from your favorite websites. So whenever a news hits the ground, you will be the first one to know and if you act upon it quickly you might just become the ‘news breaker’ for your readers.

2. Make Lists, Tutorials & How-Tos - You can always write some how-tos which will benefit your readers. For instance a post like “how to tie a tie” is always interesting to read and also pretty useful to some (* I still can’t tie my tie *). You can also make “Top 10″ or “Top 100″ lists which is usually well accepted by the readers & can be easily promoted virally.

3.  Look at the Trend - You should always keep an eye on the trend and follow it along the way.  If ‘having an iphone’ is the trend and you happen to got one at a early stage, you should definitely blog about it and show your readers how your cool gadget works.

4.  Write Reviews -  When you try a product which is relevant to your niche, its always good to write a short review about it. This helps both the readers and you. The readers will be benefited because you took the time to use the product and give your honest opinion, and you will be benefited because if your review if good  the readers will start trusting your words more and often might take your words as granted.

5. Do a survey - Ask your audience what they would like to hear from you more. Write an open email & answer to your reader’s questions via the blog.

6. Be open minded - When blogging stay open with your mind don’t be closed minded if you are closed minded it will hurt you big time I do the same thing sometimes not becuase I’m a close minded person, but because I get burnt out and then I start to lose my openness to blogging, so therefore I become stubborn and pass a lot of good ideas up.

7. Use your notebook / PDA more often - Take notes every step of the way. If you suddenly get a nice blogging idea jot it down in your notebook/PDA so that you can refer back to it later.

8.  Google is your friend: Do a search on Google and see whether you can bump into something that sounds interesting.

9. Get Social: Take a look at what others are talking about via social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Yahoo Buzz,, Stumble Upon, and Technorati

10. Update an Old Post - And if none of the above works for you simply find a very old post which has the most number of comments or in other words the most popular post. Do some research and find out whether you can do some re modification of the same post with new updated information & references, pictures etc.

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