Have you encountered a situation when it seems that there just isn’t any time left for you to blog, even when there are a ton of ideas swirling around in your head?

If you have regular life commitments that doesn’t really allow you ‘extra time’ to blog then you will have to make the most of the time you do have to blog. There are definitely plenty of ways to do this, but first and foremost, you need to make the commitment to do so. Here are the top six ways to find the time to blog when it seems you just can never find the time to do it.

Making the time everyday to Blog
Try to make a point of finding 15 minutes in the day to blog… and once you start looking, it might be quite easy to find a suitable time slot. Is it making your coffee at home instead of taking the time to stop at Starbucks? Carpooling with other parents? Setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than when you need to get up? And when you make that time, use it to blog and try not to let other family duties interfere with  the 15 minutes that you have dedicated for blogging. This means no cooking, no laundry, no walking the dog & no strictly no IM & ‘twittering’! 

Planning a calendar
Try to have a blogging calendar. Mark off the days you should blog, then do your best to stick to your blogging schedule. It is surprisingly very easy to put blogging off, then suddenly one day you discover that it has been 7 weeks since your last blog post! So make a blogging schedule and stick to it as best you can.

Blogging Note Book
When you come up with a great blog post idea, write it down in your diary or nootbook or simply save it in your Iphone or PDA. Many bloggers who are pressed for time often finds that when they sit down to blog, they can’t think of a single thing to write about. If you keep a list of blog post ideas, (even if it is just a blog title or a couple off-hand notes) this can  really help you to get started when you know you only have ten minutes to blog before the kids need to get up for school.

Install a plugin to automatically post related articles with your posting rather than you hunting them down yourself. Install Akismet or another spam fighter script so you don’t have to spend time in deleting spam comments. Use an RSS feed reader to quickly scan through the latest news. Think of what you can do that relates to your blogging that you can automate… that way you can spend more time doing the actual blogging rather than the behind the scenes stuff that needs doing.

Hand write your posts (when needed)
Just because you don’t have a laptop to take to your son’s 7am basketball practice doesn’t mean you can’t blog! You can spend that hour handwriting and editing blog posts, then when you have time, quickly type them into your computer. If you have a good PDA or Iphone you can actually blog while you are on the move.

Set Goals
Do you know where your blog is going? Or where you want it to be in say 1 year from now? If you blog is without any kind of goal in time, you could be focusing on the wrong things as you move forward. It could be something as simple as writing a blog post on something specific everyday, or trying to publish 3 new blog posts a week for a month? Or even something longer term, such as getting to the point where you can quit your day job and solely depend on blogging as your income. Whatever your goals are, write them down as they can actually help you stay motivated and on track for what you want your blog to do in the long run. And when you have goals set, it can help you organize yourself and your time better to achieve what you want out of it.

You aren’t the first blogger who tries to squeeze their minutes out of a day to blog, when there are so many other things going on that demand their attention. But if you follow the above tips, it can really help you find those precious minutes you can use for blogging, and to achieve the goals you want to when it comes to blog. There are many very successful bloggers who started out the very same way, when time was scarce but their desire was very strong which is why they are ’successful’ today.