What Should You Blog About?This is the second part of my initial post - What should you blog about?

If you remember in my last posting, i gave everyone a simple exercise, which is  to list down top 10 things that interests you. I hope you have got your list with you right now, because you are going to need it in this step!

I’m going to use an example that I found on the net which specifically explains the process pretty well. Its so well written that, I can just stop writing and ask you to read it from there. But just for the sake of having “everything about blogging” in this site (which is the purpose of this blog, anyway) I’m going to continue with the post.

First of all, as I mentioned earlier you need some basic idea about your target audience. You have to have a clear knowledge of whom you are writing the content for.

For instance a content written for below 15 school going kids is going to be different than content written for adults.  Simmilarly If you are a golfer and currently running a blog on Golf, you can just switch to swimming as many of your current readers might not like ’swimming’.

Anyway, going back to the example I talked about - lets say there is a fictional person named kelly. She recently read my last entry and brainstormed herself to come up with some of her interests (shown below).

Interests Unlinked

Take a minute and think about the cloud above. Do you share similar interests with kelly? Do some of Kelly’s interests bore you, or even slightly offend you? Would you visit a blog that wrote about all these topics?

Conscious of this, Kelly has linked up topics likely to be of interest to certain audiences. The result looks like this:

Interests Web

The blue line is very likely to be of interest to a socially and environmentally aware Christian audience with liberal political views. The yellow line will consistently have something to offer environmentally conscious outdoorsy types. The green line is likely to be of interest to web designers and web programmers. So do you see how you can actually connect multiple interest of yours under one simple chain? So right now, if I want I can follow the green like and have at least 6 of my interests covered under 1 blog. And its still acceptable as they are inter or co related.

But before you decide on anything, I can’t emphasize enough on the importance of thinking about your target audience. Just to make it plain simple for you below are the five top reasons to focus on your target audience first -

  1. Most of your readers read your blog simply for the fact that the topic that you cover is interesting to them. So if you think about them first, you are more closer to satisfying them and making them happy.
  2. It will help you a lot in deciding what you should write about.
  3. Target audiences are like social networks: they may help your content go viral. (word of mouth)
  4. You will be able to build a profile amidst an influential group.
  5. It will ensure your site has a continuous focus on presenting the reader with content that is valuable to them.