Blogging JokeBefore I even teach you how you can start your own blog, let me get some of the things straight - in order for you to do anything you always need self motivation & interest.

So I figured it would be a good thing to do a post about why should you start blogging? What’s in it for you? Do you even know how its going to benefit you?

Well I’m not going to come up with a top 101 list of starting a blog (if you search in google you will probably find plenty), but I just want to highlight some of the points that got me into blogging. I hope sharing my own experience would  be a better way of showing you how blogging can really help you no matter what you are and what you do.

So lets get started! Here is some of the things that i explicitly love about blogging:

1. Blogging gives you Freedom of Speech:  Yes, I have the freedom of speech when I’m blogging in my personal blog. I can write whatever I want, whenever I want. Its more like a personal diary which I have full control over. I can just go on and say ‘microsoft sucks’ (because my MSN just hanged) and i won’t be sued for it. So basically blogging helps you to express freely, most of which is normally not possible physically. The expression that you have could be your own or your response to others point of view or current events (e.g. election, a football match, conference etc). Personally I think this is the most important trait of blogging.

2.  Blogging makes you Famous: Blogging gives you massive exposure which is something you would never get being an average Joe (unless you are a genius like Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook). As you start writing on your blog, like minded people will start reading your blog. And once a lot of people start liking the ‘crap’ you write - you become famous! In no time you will find ranked high in the search engines, and more people will start coming in thus giving you quite a bit of exposure. Blogs being inherently Search Engine friendly help quite a bit.

3. Blogging gives you the power you never had before: Once you get the exposure, along comes power. You will notice that a lot of people will actually care about your ‘opinion’ on the subject of your expertise. So if you can build credibility over a period of time via your blog, people will be heavily influenced by what you say and write. This gives definitely you power and self gratification.

4. Blogging makes you more knowledgeable:  It does certainly! Just to give you a simple example, before me and the owner of SEOcompany, Bob Mutch talked about starting this blog - I had to do a lot of home work & research on how I’m going to present the content to my readers.  Because when you blog, your words goes over to the whole world which anybody can access. So naturally you would like to write something that acceptable and liked by everyone. This sets you in the mode to grab as much knowledge as possible when you are talking about a specific subject. When you start to blog you will always be interested is what’s happening around you and what are other bloggers are writing. This process itself will give you tons of new information & knowledge.

5. Blogging makes you a better writer: Initially when you start blogging for the very first time, you may feel a bit reluctant to show people how ‘poor’ you are at writing. However, if you blog consistently and very frequently you writing skills will automatically improve and later you will be amazed to see how well you write.

6. Blogging helps you to make new friends & meet new people: In my IM contact list, at least 60% of my friends have known me from my blogs. Blogging really gives you the ability to meet new people who are just as ‘cool’ as you are. So if you want to make new friends & meet a lot of new people (some of them who are experts in the field of your interest), blogging is definitely the way to go.

7. Blogging connects you with the Industry Leader: No matter how famous they are, if they have a blog you can simply go and read their entries (for free of course).  So you don’t really need to run after them for an exclusive interview or 1 on 1 workshop; Blogging gives you the opportunity to communicate even with the industry leaders. Obviously they aren’t going to reply to every comment/question you write, however there are some ways by which you can get most of their attention. (Stay tuned for my ‘Effective Blogging’ post).

8.  Blogging can earn you money: This seems to be the reason for which many of the ‘young generation’ are now into blogging.  Well its true, your blog can really earn you money-  not just $10-$100, but maybe thousands! There are bloggers who have quit their day job just for blogging and guess what, they now earn 5 times more than what they used to earn from their  normal job.

9.  Blogging can let you help the community at the same time get help for yourself : A lot of you might want to help the community, but you don’t really know where and how to start. Well blogging certainly lets you help the community. The content that you write are being shared to the millions of readers across the globe and even if 1% finds the information useful, you are then doing a pretty good job. One of the main reason why blogs have become so popular is because of the amount of knowledge sharing that takes place. Gradually this knowledge gets so refined over the period of time that the credibility of blogs are more compared to static websites which doesn’t get updated as frequently as blogs.

10. Blogging can help you to grow your business: You can easily bring in lot of new business via your blog because of the community that you have created with your readers through your blog. It has been seen that people tend to trust individuals more than businesses. Blog is also an awesome way to get instant feedback on your products and services, thereby giving you continuous platform for improvement.

Enough about me! Now do you think any of these reasons actually ‘motivates’ you start blogging? Well if I don’t sound too convincing then I highly recommand you to check out the following articles & a video from some of the bloggers I like the most:

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