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Cross-browser compatibility

Is your blog compatible with all Browsers?
Sometimes web designers design a blog which is very appealing for the eye however it is only compatible for a specific browser (e.g. Internet Explorer). When the blog is opened in other browsers (e.g. Firefox. Safari) many functions become inaccessible or sometimes the whole formatting of the site is […]

Blog Widget

Widgetbox is an great online service that connects Widget developers and customers/bloggers. Recently they have released a brand new product called Blidget (short form for Blog Widget) which enables bloggers to easily create and share a Widget for custom made for their blogs.All the widgets are highly customizable with different colors and you can decide […]

Mobile Web browsing

Test your Blog in a Mobile Phone Browser
As you may have noticed, advanced mobile phones like iPhone are becoming increasingly popular that not only has the basic phone functionality butthey also support web browsing from the phone. Regardless of how old your phone is, as long as it has GPRS, EDGE or 3g connectivity it […]