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Blog Text Editor

Do you often feel that there are just too much distractions when you start to write a blog post? Well I do, and I get so carried away that eventually I don’t get enough time to write. So today I’m suggesting a cool program that will remind you of your old days when you had […]

WebSite speed test

I get very annoyed when I visit a blog that loads ‘really…’ slow. They have too many high-res pictures in the home page which takes forever to load. In the recent finding of a usability research team it has been confirmed that 75% of the Internet users usually do not return to a website that […]

Blog Widget

Widgetbox is an great online service that connects Widget developers and customers/bloggers. Recently they have released a brand new product called Blidget (short form for Blog Widget) which enables bloggers to easily create and share a Widget for custom made for their blogs.All the widgets are highly customizable with different colors and you can decide […]

Wordpress is one of the best CMS for extensive blogging. It is a very reliable blogging platform which is fully customizable and gives you complete control over your blog and its content. One of the most useful features of Wordpress is the existence of plugins, that you can download and install to solve a […]