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Do you often feel very low or low confidence when you are writing a blog post? Have you encountered a situation where you feel that you are not good at blogging just because you didn’t earn enough money in the first few months? Many people often come across this situation at the start of their […]

Part Time Blogging

You may have read a lot about pro blogging and what it takes to become a full time blogger and earn more than enough to have a living. This is one of the most common topic among active bloggers and there are tons of nice articles that cover various aspects of the subject. With the […]

Blog contests has become really popular lately  because of its viral effect. Blog contests usually tries to make the most out of a popular blog by attracting more readers and giving away a reward for it.

The most simple and probably the best ways to run a blog contest is to have a very special & […]

Wordpress is one of the best CMS for extensive blogging. It is a very reliable blogging platform which is fully customizable and gives you complete control over your blog and its content. One of the most useful features of Wordpress is the existence of plugins, that you can download and install to solve a […]

The title tag  of your blog (the text that appears on top of your browser when visiting your blog) is undoubtedly one of the most important factor for determining your blog’s search engine ranking.There are two common mistakes that bloggers make, The first one is to use a single title which is usually their blog […]