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Blog SEO Tips

Many bloggers usually prefer simplicity when it comes to SEO.  They often don’t follow every latest hack or trick for optimizing their blog to rank better in the search engine. To some extent its better to avoid extensive SEO as sometimes it may detract from the most important part of blogging - which is writing.
So […]

Part Time Blogging

You may have read a lot about pro blogging and what it takes to become a full time blogger and earn more than enough to have a living. This is one of the most common topic among active bloggers and there are tons of nice articles that cover various aspects of the subject. With the […]

Blog contests has become really popular lately  because of its viral effect. Blog contests usually tries to make the most out of a popular blog by attracting more readers and giving away a reward for it.

The most simple and probably the best ways to run a blog contest is to have a very special & […]

Wordpress is one of the best CMS for extensive blogging. It is a very reliable blogging platform which is fully customizable and gives you complete control over your blog and its content. One of the most useful features of Wordpress is the existence of plugins, that you can download and install to solve a […]

Top Six Ways to Find the Time to Blog

Have you encountered a situation when it seems that there just isn’t any time left for you to blog, even when there are a ton of ideas swirling around in your head?
If you have regular life commitments that doesn’t really allow you ‘extra time’ to blog then you will have to make the most […]

How Often Should You Blog?

Ok I got this question a couple of days ago via email. (Yes! I accept blogging related questions via email at-
Anyway so the question goes like this:
Q. How Often Should I Blog?
My Reply:
That is actually a very common question arising among many bloggers, specially among those who are just starting out. Many […]

Email Subscription for Blog

If you take a quick look at the current blogosphere you will realize that many bloggers rely solely on RSS syndication to get in touch with their fellow readers. While I do believe that RSS is very essential tool for online publishing, I personally also think that offering email subscriptions along with the conventional RSS […]

How to Choose a Good Blog Name?

Are you confused about choosing the right name for your blog? Well basically there are three simple rule of thumb to follow  when choosing a blog name:
1) The “Name” must describe your blog: it is very possible that a lots of people will actually see a link to your blog  (via search engines, for instance), […]

Now that you already know about what you should blog about, its probably the right time to tell you how you can actually come up with new blogging ideas on the subject of your interest.
Sometimes you might just feel that you are a bit rusty and might find it hard to put up some good […]

This is the second part of my initial post - What should you blog about?
If you remember in my last posting, i gave everyone a simple exercise, which is  to list down top 10 things that interests you. I hope you have got your list with you right now, because you are going to need […]

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