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Do you often feel very low or low confidence when you are writing a blog post? Have you encountered a situation where you feel that you are not good at blogging just because you didn’t earn enough money in the first few months? Many people often come across this situation at the start of their […]

Feedburner Hack

Joop Dorresteijn who is known as an editor for The Next Web, has found a great backdoor for artificially manipulating the feed count of a blogs FeedBurner chicklet. Basically, its a very simple hack - all you need is an OPML file with the same feed url copied and pasted as many times as you […]

Blog SEO Tips

Many bloggers usually prefer simplicity when it comes to SEO.  They often don’t follow every latest hack or trick for optimizing their blog to rank better in the search engine. To some extent its better to avoid extensive SEO as sometimes it may detract from the most important part of blogging - which is writing.
So […]

How to 301 Redirect

Permanent redirect which is also known as the famous ‘301 redirect’ is one of the most efficient and search engine friendly method for redirecting pages or websites to a different destination. 3o1 redirects can come handy in several situations, such as:

to move an old website to a new domain
to setup several sites pointing to only […]

Do not open new browser Windows

Yes that right, for the sake of the user try not to open a new browser window.
When you are  creating a link you can always insert the  <target=”_blank”> tag open the link in a new window.
I must say that many webmasters does this mistake when they start of with their website. The main reason is […]

Social Bookmarking for Blog

All the major websites with reputation, let alone blogs,  are already using social bookmark buttons on their websites (the image that you see on the left comes from BusinessWeek). While those buttons certainly not a guarantee to hit the Digg or Delicious front page every time  a user clicks, however they certainly help people that […]

Top Six Ways to Find the Time to Blog

Have you encountered a situation when it seems that there just isn’t any time left for you to blog, even when there are a ton of ideas swirling around in your head?
If you have regular life commitments that doesn’t really allow you ‘extra time’ to blog then you will have to make the most […]

How to Choose a Good Blog Name?

Are you confused about choosing the right name for your blog? Well basically there are three simple rule of thumb to follow  when choosing a blog name:
1) The “Name” must describe your blog: it is very possible that a lots of people will actually see a link to your blog  (via search engines, for instance), […]

Now that you have installed a new wordpress theme, I’m sure some of you are thinking - “Gee, why can’t I do ‘this’ with one theme which I can ‘do’ with the other theme” or “how can i change the header of this theme with my own banner” etc. Sometimes you might even find *bugs* […]

I hope you already know how to install the latest version of WordPress! Now after you have installed it, I’m sure you want to learn how to switch away from the default blue WordPress theme to a new one. Well there are thousands of wordpress theme out there for you, which is free for you […]

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