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Youtube Search Box

I’m sure many of you probably have noticed that YouTube’s brand new embedded player started to include a search box when you pause a video and when you move the mouse at the top of a video.
Even though I personally find this new feature too aggressive, the search box is actually a very brilliant way […]

Google Search History in Google Suggestions

Google has recently added a cool new feature where it shows your Search history in their traditional Search Suggestion. That means when you type in a query, it tries to find related pages that you have already visited in the past and displays them as suggestion.
When you create a Google account, Google enables their […]

Create Documents from Gmail

Do you know that you can quickly create a new document in Google Docs directly from your Gmail? If you enable “Create a document” in Gmail Labs and you activate keyboard shortcuts, you can press g then w to open a blank document anytime.
This cool new Gmail Labs feature feature simply adds a new right […]

Google PDF Viewer

Google has very recently implemented a PDF viewer inside Google’s popular email service - Gmail.
So next time you receive a PDF message in your email, Gmail gives you the ability to view the PDF without installing a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader.

This is indeed an excellent addition to Gmail. I believe it would be […]