Do you often feel very low or low confidence when you are writing a blog post? Have you encountered a situation where you feel that you are not good at blogging just because you didn’t earn enough money in the first few months? Many people often come across this situation at the start of their blogging career. If you are looking for a few ways that will help you to motivate yourself and boost your confidence, take a look at your blog and do one of the following things:

1. Set a Mile Stone

No matter how small or big your mile stone is, enjoy it fully. You should celebrate a mile stone whenever you have achieved it. This self encouragement will give you a confidence in blogging. If you are thinking of what to set as your milestone, you should just look at your blog’s statistics. You can celebrate your first 100 RSS subscriber or 500, the number doesn’t really matter; The most important thing is to set a mile stone and celebrate it when you have achived it. Write a post about how you feel for having that many subscribers. Share your tips and tricks for getting to that milestone.

2. Read Past Comments

Go through your past posts and read the comments that was left by the readers. Sometimes this will make you realize how well you have been doing in blogging. This is an excellent way to build up your confidence. Even negative comments will give you a enthusiasum to achieve something through blogging. Look at the comments and see how many people have loved your writing.

3. Change Your Blog Layout

Are you bored with the current layout of your blog or probably the way things are laid out? What about changing a little bit or adding something new to your blog? Changing the look and feel of your blog will definitely encourage you to write more in your blog.

4. Organize a Compeititon

If you are getting very less traffic you should think of hosting some sort of competition at your blog. Competitions won’t necessarily get a lot of traffic but you will get a good quality of readers at your blog by hosting a competition. If the readers like what you are writing  they might even subscribe to your blog.

5. Giveaway Gifts and Freebies

After all who doesn’t like free gifts? If you are giving away something for free, the readers will often bookmark your site and share it with others. People will also help you by voting your blog in many social media sites like stumbleupon and delicious.This will bring you heeps of traffic.

Hopefully these tips were useful for you to get some confidence and go back to blogging!