Do you know that you can quickly create a new document in Google Docs directly from your Gmail? If you enable “Create a document” in Gmail Labs and you activate keyboard shortcuts, you can press g then w to open a blank document anytime.

This cool new Gmail Labs feature feature simply adds a new right option next to each Gmail threads that lets you create a new document from it. Gmail merges the content along with all the messages from the conversation and saves it as a document in Google docs.

Gmail Blog writes: “No more copying and pasting the text from your email — just open the message you wish to convert, click the “Create a document” link on the right side of the page, and voila, you have a brand new document which you can then modify and share,”

Create Documents from Gmail

Another brand new feature from the house of Gmail Labs would be useful to you if you frequently use Google’s online office suite. The new feature is called Google Docs Gadget. It’s a simple way to access recently modified documents, to find documents and to place a link into a message using drag & drop.