Google has recently added a cool new feature where it shows your Search history in their traditional Search Suggestion. That means when you type in a query, it tries to find related pages that you have already visited in the past and displays them as suggestion.

When you create a Google account, Google enables their Web History option that saves all your queries and the results you clicked on. Google Web History service can be extended to all the web pages you visit if you install Google Toolbar.

Google Search History in Google Suggestions

As you can probably Imagine Web History has many different uses, but Google hasn’t really made it very useful other than offering some very basic recommendations and trends. Google decided to personalize the suggestions offered when you type a query on Google’s homepage by adding searches from your history. Just Like how it is done in Firefox’s search box, the historical search queries are displayed at the top, but the major difference is that Firefox saves the searches on your computer, while Google saves them in the cloud (under your account).