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WordPress for iPhone

WordPress team has recently announced that they have finished their very first version of WordPress for iphone App and the application was uploaded on iTunes store for review. The whole world was waiting patiently for its approval.Ok now let me give you some good news! No Surprise, but the App is approved and is available […]

Blog contests has become really popular lately  because of its viral effect. Blog contests usually tries to make the most out of a popular blog by attracting more readers and giving away a reward for it.

The most simple and probably the best ways to run a blog contest is to have a very special & […]

How to 301 Redirect

Permanent redirect which is also known as the famous ‘301 redirect’ is one of the most efficient and search engine friendly method for redirecting pages or websites to a different destination. 3o1 redirects can come handy in several situations, such as:

to move an old website to a new domain
to setup several sites pointing to only […]

Wordpress News

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platform of today and most of our readers who blogs uses WordPress to power their own. As a WordPress user, I always like to read about the wp open source platform and staying up-to-date with the latest news and updates from the WordPress community.
So If you’re looking […]

WordPress 2.6

Matt has recenly posted on the WordPress Development blog announcing that Wordpress version 2.6 is available for download. The main novelties are the possibility to track changes in posts now (wiki style), the possibility to blog from around the web and the integration with Google Gears. Minor changes include:

A completely brand new image control to […]

WordPress Themes Directory

It has been over one year since the official Wordpress Theme Directory has stopped accepting new themes from the theme developers. But gladly the theme directory is back and I must say that the WordPress team did an excellent work with the new directory, located at

As you can see the new wordpress themes directory […]

Blog Text Editor

Do you often feel that there are just too much distractions when you start to write a blog post? Well I do, and I get so carried away that eventually I don’t get enough time to write. So today I’m suggesting a cool program that will remind you of your old days when you had […]

Image Optimization

If you are looking to optimize your blog for the search engines - you should always use a alt tag for your images in  the post.
The ALT tag is often referred to as the alternative tag for image, which goes inside image codes that tells the search engines what the image is all about. An […]

Do not open new browser Windows

Yes that right, for the sake of the user try not to open a new browser window.
When you are  creating a link you can always insert the  <target=”_blank”> tag open the link in a new window.
I must say that many webmasters does this mistake when they start of with their website. The main reason is […]

Blog Title Tag

What is a Title Tag?
The title tag (e.g. the description that appears on the top of the browser) of your site is one of the most important factors determining the search engine results position (SERP).
Keep your Title Tag Short and To the Point. Don’t try to add unecessary keywords and thinking that you would […]

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