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Now that you have installed a new wordpress theme, I’m sure some of you are thinking - “Gee, why can’t I do ‘this’ with one theme which I can ‘do’ with the other theme” or “how can i change the header of this theme with my own banner” etc. Sometimes you might even find *bugs* […]

I hope you already know how to install the latest version of WordPress! Now after you have installed it, I’m sure you want to learn how to switch away from the default blue WordPress theme to a new one. Well there are thousands of wordpress theme out there for you, which is free for you […]

Many of have probably heard of Wordpress which is a free open source blogging platform. When you are planning to set up a blog, you may just prefer to use a service like Wordpress which gives you complete freedom and control in terms of customization & features. Of course if you are looking for a […]